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Research underpinning our plans

Why we do what we do.

The strategies contained in the Barellan Central School Strategic Plan are underpinned by a broad range of international research by world renowned academics and leading educational experts. We are focussed on Leadership, Learning and Quality 21st Century Pedagogy.

Sir Ken Robinson

Bring on the Learning Revolution

Video length 20:57min

Changing Educational Paradigms

Video length 11:40min

Salman Khan

Let's use video to reinvent education

Video length 20:27min

Professor Stephen Heppell

Future of learning 

Video length 3:57min

Mark Treadwell International Education Consultant

The Global Transformation in Education (Updated) 

Video length 5:46min

Professor Stephen Dinham

Let's Get Serious about Teacher Quality

Video length 1:01:34min

There are a wide range of websites and blogs created by colleagues in our Professional Learning Network that also enhance our learning journey.

This list is far from exhaustive and we will add to it regularly:

Joyce Seitzinger - Cats Pyjamas

Educational Origami - Edorigami

Julian Ridden - Moodleman

Mary Cooch (UK) - Moodle Fairy

The 40 Million plus Moodle users - Moodle.Org

Roisin O'Reilly and the PLANE team - PLANE

Mark Treadwell - Mark Treadwell i-learnt

Stuart Whytcross - Moodle4School

Bob Willetts - Surfingbob